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situation, reasonably entitled to expect the appointment
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exaggerated and intensified in a way that to a healthy
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which can be readily applied by every one in the open-
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of membranes, prolapse of the cord, and rarely uterine rupture may be caused.
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exertion, shew indications of incipient ansemia, suflFer
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inefficient for certain periods during the year 27,000
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fitted to this end, having carefully estimated the quantities excreted and
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an exclusive fluid diet may be productive of harm, by causing an over-dilution
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ing a very clear account of visual localization, includmg the phenomena
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trrant the keeper of such whop or place a license, which he shall
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such an effort your Majesty's Indian subjects should
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Montreal, who, at the time, was clinical assistant to Drs. Graves and
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occurring on the inner surface of the membrana tympani. There may also
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careful rem oval of all filth and soiled earth, and the free
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a day, with as little liquid in the diet as possible.
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with an iron bar in a fit of homicidal mania, the man having
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After admission his symptoms were attributed by one
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On the whole, the observations and experiments of these writers appear
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aneurisms are such changes as would naturally be produced by disturb-
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sanitary question before them fully and fairly in a
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ally these are most severe during the hottest weather,
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an alarming extent in the large towns, but that the use
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no very serious objections can be raised to the plan,
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(8) Each latrine will be provided with two screened places
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seums of Philadelphia. In this number are included twenty plaster
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times associated with alteration of their ganglion cells in the cord. This
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Five hours before her death the patient was well and strong. — Therapeutische
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four cases, of which the following are short notes : — >
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may be anticipated, affect the ratio of casualties.
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rate on the aggregate population residents during those seven
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made its influence felt upon mortality distinctly ; but
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tion of even running water, can scarcely be realized
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is evident, therefore, that no hard and fast rule is to be laid down, and
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notice. The book has long been the best one upon rectal surgery, and
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considering the highly favourable termination of the
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one to two hours, at a temperature of 70'^ to 90° F.,

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