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ture of the body as determined by the thermometer. In the course of

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ing soft parts appear to have been observed, if we may not be

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increased velocity will not apply to it, for the sound exists

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wall of the bulla was removed I usually obtained an infection within

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lirium, &c. had completely subsided, and rapid recovery took place.

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amount added per unit mass of substance during a given period

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by the foregoing method ; here the following change in the

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is auiBmic from the pressure of the extravasated blood. Bloodletting

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intermediate portions (fig. 4, ohd). At that time the process of

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the section of a vertical band or semicolmnn. Thus in each

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are thrown outward in a remarkable manner. In another case the atrophy

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it may be general, that is, afi'ecting both the upper and lower extremities.

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in progress when reported, considerable amelioration having taken place

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place too much stress on the exact form of this graph; neverthe-

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hair cells (figs. 4, oph; 8 and 11, oph^), and the portion lying

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ter); and in 1831 (m}^ age being 49 and the age of my wife 43) she pre-

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parts do, there will ensue a " stasis," — an accumulation or con-

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dentes, que siguen las fibras de la raiz motriz del trig^mino

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It may be interesting to mention that the entire osseous

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section not affected by this lesion or in a similar section from a

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febrile career. The matter vomited is greenish or yellowish in color.

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