Que Es Eriacta

wretches. One of these he killed on the spot, another
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in all its bearings, honestly, fearlessly, and at once.
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we believe the exhumation of her body is considered
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the typhous eruption on the fifth, or at furthest, the si.xlh day from the commence-
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nicotine, instead of using those tobaccos which are
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and gave a decided opinion that there was no disease
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Ce'.sus, in which were the words cubare moUiter, wrote them down
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formed ; this M. Coutagne attributed to the fact that
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erroneously ; and then gives me a quietus — a logical
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his glacial theory of the changes in the heat of the
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was healing well, and that there was every prospect
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nurses should be appointed, and paid sufficient sala-
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with a fine impalpable powder, composed in pai-t of
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into less than two pages his directions for the opera-
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integuments, and expedite the progress of the tumour to
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twenty -five years on full i^ay. If he claims a pension
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three o'clock. Professor Marshall wiU deliver a lec-
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Turpentine enemata, a cure for sciatica . . . 149 .
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chievous. This stateineut is not theoretical, but rests
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are justified in resorting to the practice. There is,
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jranchester Royal Infirmary and Dispensary, Jan. 5th, 18r.5.
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may set him right without any physic, at least if it should not,
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the Hopital de la Charitu, treating his consumptive
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those influences must be the greatest sufferers. He
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* In proof of this, I have often, in cases shewing symptoms of typhus, and
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Simpson. Thornton Gerald, Westbourne Road, Islington
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Duchatelet may have been wrong Ln his calculations ;
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from the irritation of the phrenic nerves, which were in
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can take what exercise they Uke in the spacious air-
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of his admirable Encyclopaedia ; it contains, I believe,
"^oOO francs to M. Zenker of Erlangen, for his work
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that tlie ligature of one of the broad ligaments had
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the respiration, and if an impediment appears to exist to
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cells, which are filled with granules, first of protein
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able part of it, is the result of a large collection of observations
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tives of all the different medical corporations, etc., of
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of the public to hygiene as a part of civil polity. In the Library
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chest and the sternum ; and that there was a frequent rattling or
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of the public to hygiene as a part of civil polity. In the Library

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