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nu-'ilastinal tissue. In exccjjtiona! eases tlie ihynius ghind is the original
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Symptoms. — Recurring rigors are among the first symptoms, followed or
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Streptococcus Pyogenes. — Chains of cocci found in phlegmons. Culture
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attended by typhoid symptoms. It has also been called ''asthenic,"
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alveoli, they may become fixed at any i^oint on the ejaithelial surfaces or
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' Except in pyopneumothorax it is rare to find an exactly horizontal line of demarcation with pleural
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tressing, it should be relieved temporarily by the inhalation of chloroform.
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pneumonia and accompanying a chronic bronchitis, may continue for years
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The large vascular spaces are filled up by layers of bone successively
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murmur is that indicative of obstruction at the right auriculo-ventricular
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acid, the loins painful on pressure, and the febrile movement constant,
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Etiology. — The two most common causes of this form of kidney degenera-
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Later the apex-beat and the impulse grow more indistinct, but never so
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reached by appropriate spinal treatment, encouraging the nerve supply
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form of apoplexy often goes unrecognized until the post-mortem exami-
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microscope the epithelial cells will exhibit the appearances that have
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Gummata. — Syphilitic gummata may occur as local swellings in
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culation, and in no way interferes with duration of life. In the young and
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to what distance ; there is no reliable account of its transmission over a
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covered with an oil-silk jacket. The inhalation of steam usually increases
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A spur ions hydrocephahis sometimes follows cholera infantum, the symp-
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Sometimes, after it has been exposed for a length of time to decompos-
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tions seen within a wound or upon an ulcerated surface are formed of
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results; still, there are many cases where the severest forms of injury
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doubt as to the cause. Attacks of laryngismus stridulus are sometimes
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stipation, recourse must be had to medicinal agents. These are very
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tenacious saliva, which gathers about the lips in frothy masses. Thirst is
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ditions are such as to predispose to a dislocation, as a rent in the cap-
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the bladder with a catheter, decomposition of the urine may take place.
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rise to it. In bilateral paralysis of the abductors of the vocal cords, or
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stimulating expectorant. Ammonium carbonate in the infusion of wild

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