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the body or head is penetrated, or the thigh bone or

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would be difficult, if not impossible, to pronounce an

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compound comminuted depressed fracture of the right parietal

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clustered together in large patches. They vary in size

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marked physical signs of phthisis of a " rather low, mild form." In one of

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cranial cavity would, in convicts, be found to be less

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been due to destructive changes in- the pleura. It was probably due to

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existence of this disease been any ulcerations of the fingers, and no

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within that zone. The strip of land should be grass land

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some concomitant malaise. Finally, the severest form has superadded to

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decomposes in the alimentary canal in part into sul-

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physical organism and taken away the nervous and mental force neces-

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may always be at hand, and should be thoroughly cleansed at least once

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medical adviser to take a certain medicine, or when

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bark in the exact proportion in which they naturally

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Dr. Simpson on the subject of the present organization

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Simpson's proposal agreed with his, and lie hoped to see the

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been a diminished death-rate from all maladies. This

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there are hysterical symptoms. I sometimes add a little lupuline, hyos-

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pupillary membrane adherent to the latter, and that

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the kidney. Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, most abundant in pharyn-

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whether the water-supply is from country wells or the

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of a recent heavy fall of snow. In this deposit not a

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being so diminished, there is not such a tendency to

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his son ripe mango was given at first simply as a food and with

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has ceased after the use of this drug as if it was partly

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the cow from which this had been derived had since died, having had a

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diseased were twentv years old or more Although for

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