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assistants, and instructions were issued that any in
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who upon examination found a small and insignificant-looking ulcer in
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The contrivance can be made m the tollowmg way :—
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be dreaded, viz., excrementitious matter ; these are
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fcetida, combined with nux-vomica in chronic cases,
avodart dutasteride 0.5 mg side effects fybogel
reached as low as 3,225t. These figures speak for them-
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to the fatal atmosphere of a crowded hospital. This
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ployment of antiseptic inhalations in the treatment of this disease inter-
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a single species. The existence, too, of pneumonia lasting but a day or so
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collyrium of the strength of 15 grains to the ounce or
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to preserve until something better in their place had
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near Aster, at an elevation of about 8,000 feet. The disease
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Surgeon-Captain Evans considers beri-beri to be due
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first sight, lead us to a clear perception of its identity.
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only a small portion of the spaces ; the destruction has
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cascade in the right ear ; both manifestations subsiding simultaneously. The
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osteal resection is by far the best and quickest method of cure.
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the native doctor who had been attending him closely, and
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needed a draught since for a period now of eighteen months, and very
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4. It may here be mentioned tliat this exceptionally
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medicine. The priests of all religions, as in Europe,
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tried resection of long bones himself, and is unfavorable; but Mac-
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surgeon should quietly await indications for interference, feeling assured that
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fever cases, which, in one station, are diagnosed as
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defined disorders occurring during the convalescence from fevers and
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the discoloration of the skin indicated extravasated blood. On Novem-
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tion Act is scarcely applied ; for, excepting the cities of
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Lateral lithotomy was now performed in the usual manner,
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applied remedy in the above cases than the apparatus
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can pass is impermeable, and that organic stricture can
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buted to respiratory affections, whereas the death-rate
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to contradict the statement recently made that such paralysis is always
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dence of intolerance. The ordinary dose of half a minim is repeated

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