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also conceal a light degree of stenosis. Moreover, a systolic mur-

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increase appreciably in proportion to the degree of staining. In ani-

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Am. Jour. Med. Sc, 1913, cxlv, 705; First Progress Report, 1914, 111.


Dinner : Had more vegetables than above, and one glass of buttermilk every

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ciency) with broken compensation, in which the pulse in the right

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their formulas and other matter which it is a question of "mental gymnastics"

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ventricle. The very posterior portion of the internal capsule and the corona

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tuberculosis. But hysteria cannot present the fever, the expectora-

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sure, relief may be obtained by division of the isthmus, and if this is

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formly or is enclosed in the form of masses and plaques. These

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In the cases associated with general disease the condition may be

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18. Von Noorden : Metabolism and Practical Medicine, Chicago Medical Book

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the family moved into Spartanburg County on July 20, 1914, left the

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thyroid gland than partial thyroidectomy, and that it is the right

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viewpoint of mere accuracy of diagnosis and vital statistics, but from

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3, in which an involvement of the parietal lobe and a destruction of the

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of a piece of woolen yarn saturated with salt solution and attached to

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arteries is higher, and the hypertrophy of the right ventricle is more

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either suddenly to heart failure or gradually under progressive

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can be added as a result of our experience. It still seems that the truly

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The accumulation of blood in the right ventricle and right auricle

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aorta, due to vaso-motor derangements. The phenomenon is most

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In its causation elephantiasis is intimately related to the lymphan-

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word may be forgotten or misapplied, a short time afterward the

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conditions an increased rate usually prevents complete relaxation, so

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before death. It is somewhat increased, as a rule, in pernicious

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aged 7 years, is very fond of his grandfather and is with him constantly when

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diabetic dog also has been made use of by other workers. Unfor-

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from positive with 0.4 c.c. to positive with 0.9 c.c, and the spinal fluid cell

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The other patient of this group was not benefited in any way. Thus

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Pieper: Deber Lymphangiectasia Colli Congenita, 1887.

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near the origin of the vessel. According to Mr. Christopher Heath,

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and 238,787 were claimants on account of sickness or disability.

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stiff, and painful. The swelling due to aneurysm must be diagnosed

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13. The Senile Heart : Its Symptoms, Sequelae, and Treatment, by George W.

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make the pathological picture different in the two cases. We have

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we must study the balance of forces in their normal play before we can

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consequence of the operation, but Michaelis observed beginning

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its action on the ventricular than on the auricular rate.) We must

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