Mentax Vitamin

overcome the adductor spasm and subglottic edema. Note the posi-

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disease appears as a fibrous growth in reddish bunches

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to two or three parts of water injected into such a

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was not done. Men leaped to the conclusion^ that all diseases tended

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sciousness quickly, the operation being attended by no nausea or

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as foremost in importance from the point of milk supply,

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usually by biting. Animals suffering from rabies are

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tution near Dublin, and the authorities arranged, as the

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patients to slow the infusion to 40 or even 20 cc. a minute,

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motive power, as others have recommended heated air, &c., to take

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with a strong solution of the permanganate. The oxidizing and

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decided to perform Ciaesarean section, and the only question

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The strength of evidence appears to be in favor of considering

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(5()'d,00i),S*0'), >5!').l-'J I) five hundred millions of millions in a ^c,

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little as possible. They should be given small quanti-

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fact, in nothing else than this process of accommo-

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At the College of Physicians and Surgeons the class has so in-

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matory tissue should be carefully dissected out be-

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ency to revert to the pernicious type, but with more

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permanent relief was ol>taitied. 'i'he patient scaieely couiplalue i


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first case of gun-shot wound of a joint I have had an opportunity

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ciently emphasised. With " any other anaesthetic the

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.should be the duty of every one to give every pos-

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From same i^aticnt as Fig. IV. five hours after bismuth

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the morning and evening trains allows. Hence that hurry, anxiety,

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four days. When she was admitted, she was nearly choked,

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Bome difficulty, introduced. The important fjict, of the great change

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The finger stump healed, also the submaxillary incision;

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was decided to make an exploratory abdominal incision.

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A. R. Elliott Publishing Company, or by registered mail, as

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no history of illness in early life such as might suggest acci-

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same relation to the compound g^s^s, ih<it a smooth cylinder turning in water does

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t Beatty, Wallace, M.D., F.E.C.P., Physician Adelaide Hospital,

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flattering unction, that they had cured it ; and when their inter-

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of the weight of the body. The soft tissue, under the os calcis, is

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Berlin had been sent a packet of fresh butter made from

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light to all, and not at first an unnatural evil in

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in due time the patient would recover. Could we blame him, in his

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The Aniesthetic Apparatus, for the preparation of pure Carbonic Acid Gas and pure Carbonic


measures approiiriate for influenza prophylaxis cer-

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I shall not speak of cholelithiasis, "because a com-

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