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After commenting on the various plans of treatment which have been
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over hangs the road. At the correct moment the ropes
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of the Government. It is beset with many difficulties. Poison-
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thetic vomiting with good results. Has also been used
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to the State. To ourselves, because we are all certain
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by its slippery glassy surface, on which the mules fell
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A shape of cutting edge most readily kept in good order.
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other case; it possesses a very great vitality; it is active from the earliest
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year. In the next five years, 128 more similar operations
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upper extremity — sometimes both arms and legs — sometimes one side
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taken can, perhaps, be best made clear by a brief statement of the views
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Dr. Blumenau, of St. Petersburg, finds that the action of strophanthus in
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all hill-tribes, the inhabitants are extremely dirty, never
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of the condition of absorption of food in heart diseases ; determining in several
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of well water in microbes than river water, 1 should
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and alkaline mineral waters are highly spoken of by
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as a hospital. It had cost him Rs. 3,000, and was all
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avodart annual sales awards
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phuric acid, ammonia, etc. It may also be formed as Huebner (1) has
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membrane which may contain the bacilli in that part which borders on
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as a hospital. It had cost him Rs. 3,000, and was all
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broad lines in our Indian system of administration.
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unimpaired. The third phalanx presents its normal length and thick-
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fatal cases grey hepatization or suppuration of the
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cavalry was to have one surgeon and two mates, while

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