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that the poison of small-pox is most abundant in the matter of the

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causing a blush of redness, which close observation resolves into a

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acid, like pain and fever, merely one of the phenomena of the disease,

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losis and thickening of the joint capsules being the changes more

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withdrawn it is covered with matter which is allowed to dry upon it-

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medical divisions, among whom were 67 diabetics, or one diabetic

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ess will be referred to later when the functions of the intestines are

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up and the head placed lower than the feet or body. This position is

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to form a large sac the contents of which are discharged at intervals.


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ment of the eye and is itself caused by ulceration of the cornea and

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Stitches should be removed after four or five days, and the parts

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eczema; they are familiar with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, enteral-

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doned as unbecoming and unsuitable no matter what other advan-

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mainder of their lives. This, however, does not necessaiily signify

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fresh oxygen to the blood nearh T twenty times each minute ; for oxy-

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the sedentary which render life a kind of prolonged misery can

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tion, as the rise and fall of the diaphragm in respiration, the disten-

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inflammation in the parts which surround the lens and from which it

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primitive in its people or their mode of life. They

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tlie eartliy pliosphates has been observed by Drachmann, "' and Angel

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fuls, repeated as necessary. The larger dose is for emetic purposes.

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stomach. This is accomplished by placing the patient face down-

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or fifteen to twenty grains of the sulphate of zinc dissolved in water.

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has heretofore been regular, and nothing has occurred of sufficient

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yet seen in the test-tubes of the chemist. It has been suggested that

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removed during the paroxysm has the power of destroying normal corpuscles,

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they had not suffered from gout, nor was it possible to allege any

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clear description of the different forms of primary myositis. This

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a tendency to subconjunctival congestion affecting the sclerotic and

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Internally, its construction is fireproof throughout.

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relief from suffering; the spirits rise and become buoyant; an exalta-

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measures that are necessary in the management of the acute crises

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which in the corpulent, owing to the displacement of the heavy

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to be seen, which cells may prove to be mainly leukocytes; this is, naturally,

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lancing them may be attended by the most happy results.

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as opium, codeine, antipyrin, salol, etc., should be administered for

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