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bacilli caused the animal to react to the tuberculin test in four

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inentation is useless. Recently, liouever, S. I{, Ueneilict lias discovered

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of service as the first president of the foundation.

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supply of artificial light at the gutting bench sufficient for proper inspection of the

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Ventilation. — The plan adapts itself to any system of ventilation.

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product under the name of adrenolln. The extract above referred to as suprarenalin Is a

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southern and eastern boundaries of Franklin County to the northeastern corner of said

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slowly progressive vascular obliteration with renal

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of carcasses than if it were necessary for him to spend a portion of his time over

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ing 1,613,365 pounds, 47.24 per cent of which was tanked, the

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demned for offali or passed for food, excepting in those cases of hogs showing mild

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Hjrpophysitis, Acute suppurative, as a complication of purulent sphenoidal

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ing. If during removal the tissues become covered with blood, it

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fil.ors to the flexors of the to.-s nn.l the han.stri..,rs (first snernU The

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passed: That the amendment became effective at time

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a better quality of butter than seemed to be finding its way to the

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ber, 1905. There was not much change in the other animal diseases

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common duct, or the hepatic ducts (rarer) are of importance. Most

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too large for any except a few large industrial con-

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tdiies (ir ill mines is (piite piissilile at very liiiili temperatures if the air

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filter. Under ether anssthesia, 2 c. c. of the filtrate were placed in the

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ally noticed toxic effects are: leukopenia, drowsi-

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tions work. With additional help at intervals, a smooth

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or abnormal, voluntary or involuntary, is accompanied by positive

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is a short readable volume of advice to older people.

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the s|)on!,'e ill ics|)onsc to movements in the sea water. They are in

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precipitates unless carefully handled. As pointed out in a previous

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Treatment of Diabetes, Henry T. Ricketts, M.D., Chicago.

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ni.lliii..' |...iiit ..r ;i l.r.ni ini/.-.l fill : iiml II"' mi'-lli''' ,liiy ..r s,, ..f

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inspection has not been maintained, or which have been inspected under existing law,

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erly accomplished, and in most cases it was found that this was being

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just to i>roilue( iiMiKions of the volnniiirv mii^eles wilhoiit pei nmnent

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pn.1o,l as tin. <...iis,..,H..n..." of iii.M-..iis,.,l <..• .liminish..,! fnn.-ti..nin- „{ llic

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evidence alone. It will be remembered that her illness was character-

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larly striated with a few small yellow nodules scattered through it.

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shall be provided and so located that the odors therefrom do not penetrate the rooms or

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97. Living cells which had grown from a fragment of the body wall of

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to the organic part of the book. A section on the history

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rant, slightly above the optic disc; the second in the periphery of the

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