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district and had never been pregnant. The first year
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generally known, the eight-millimetre projectile which
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of his second and third toes, I endeavoured to avoid this
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For this jnirpose in nearly all the younger and in many
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In addition to the axilla, mammae have been described in the skin of
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the farm system, which is the final condition of the
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but also in the cattle. Applied externally to the eye
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the temperature had fallen to 98'' F., and the patient was
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pitals and dispensaries throughout their districts. What
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distance in a normal subject, the amount of ammonia is estimated by means
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pieces and sections in every direction, the stone was chiselled into sufficiently
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climate of the place, is still an open question ; but a
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and from the experience of others, the author believes that a milk diet notably
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have choice of the methods, — the open incision, the sub-
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ing from the wheat to the rice areas, but I must inform
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that earlier references to supposed typhus in India
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swelling of the left false, concealed the true vocal chord almost entirely
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connective tissue and cell infiltration ; they are raised
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were prevailed upon in some instances to take to vacci-
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In iSurope the C^htirch was responsible for the neg-
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%id. — The liability to the formationof an abscess
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Mines, Rajputana, India) cases. This gentleman ma}^,
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far more legitimate field for the spending of public
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all drained with Keith's glass drains. They all took
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introduced by inhalation, and, to some extent, by the skin, especially if
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Modern surgery is armed with three ways of doing the
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directly the forearm is bent in any of these fractures,
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is apt to induce temporarily, but which is usually harmless, although in
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they are attacked in preference to all others, show certainly a predilec-
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in and about the latrines and washing vessels, and the solu-
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interest in anything, and irritability with fears and, perhaps, suspicions of
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originated, it was affirmed, in the person of the Eawal^
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in connection with the causes of leprosy. In certain
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not a vestige of ventilation, and no exit, except the one
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kept within doors and crops fail. This year, for this
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distributed in this way, and as the object of the scheme
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