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that the cheesy infiltrations in the lungs become absorbed little by
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hospital six months. Measles running a severe course, Avith temperature
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creasing. It was, however, discovered that the power to take up fat was very
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whose low cunning is mistaken for intelligence, and in-
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any wi'iter upon our operations before Sebastopol has
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in the following year, added very materially to the use-
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ordinary temperature of the room. On blood-serum or on a mixture of
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both died of phthisis ; has a brother living, and in perfect health ;
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to pieces in the first month, whereupon he purchased
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the tonsil shown in Plate I., invaded by the streptococcus.
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larger air-space, and strict measvires for cleanliness and
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the presence of three or more fragments. If much swelling be present, it is
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II. Prevention of enteric fever in India. — Seeing
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Subordinate Medical Department, such as Apothecaries,
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thus tlie experiment, whose object is to secure the largest
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manent, even in spite of early and efficient treatment.
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ing the name, occupation and address of the buyer, besides the
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throat, accompanied by some salivation. Others suc-
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lepers, therefore, usually come to Kashmir, or go to
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bronchitis had disappeared and stethoscopic signs of a pulmonary lesion
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found in cases of death during the convalescence from typhoid fever.
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with the consciousness that his art is a charitable one
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fed with ass's milk. Its only defect is that it turns
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Victoria, Australia, who claims originality in its use ;
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bare during this operation, has led to the suggestion of
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short pedicles were encountered. In three cases the
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M. E. Staley (Delhi) remarked that die author of the
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the membrane readily detached under copious mucous secretion, and the
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Bengal the first place, it must, however, be noted that
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Mortality. — Of 1 01 mothers 59 died, or 58 4 per cent.
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possibility of importation of infectious disease. The
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nutrition, the skin of malarial cases is often hard and
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