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kill, they succeeded, presumably from the hypersemic results of inflam-

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diversified, usually of a burning, clawing, or tingling

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taint, while the vaso-motor phenomena are due to a reflex irritation of the

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improvement in his condition was very remarkable. The

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dren in Calcutta, and probably other parts of India.

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SpeDcer, L. D., Surgo.-Col., I.M.S,, M.D., M.R.C.s. Waziristan.

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by sweating indicates the need of caution in the size of the dose. The author

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others, 2, after a hypodermatic injection of Yhn ^^ iha grain, became pale,

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other earnest worker in this department at present is

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the filtered municipal w<iter was laid on throughout, and

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had more administrative work thrown upon his hand than was

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species. B. coli communis is the most noteworthy, and

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own life. In former times, the Hindu placed implicit

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avodart flomax side effects rpf

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themselves for treatment. The sense of smell is blunted, and taste is,

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eight months advanced, and well nourished. The left eye protruded, as in ex-

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by first intention, and after healing was enveloped in a starch and poro-

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mixed in the soil, decreasing its fertility, so that only

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for municipal sanitary improvement these single-figure

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tion of stone, the one discussed in the paper seemed by far Mie

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hatchet in one, nut-crackers in 8 and 4 were due to

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for the purpose be most ea«ily procured. It is possible,

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■with certificate from the surgeon's mate of their regi-

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do better than place before you the five tables I have

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the department if the emoluments and prospects^ were

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creasote inhalant relieves symptoms notably, and in the beginning, at least,

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" malignant cruelty the cruel person causing pain from

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taneously, the headache and weighb in the head would be

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being in positions of flexures ; others freely movable. The phalanges

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ropean countries exist in Bengal, it naturally suggests

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circumstances under which they are taken, such being

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