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these, the youngest was nine weeks old, the oldest seventy-one years of
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against its being of any benefit in meningitis before it was given up for a
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rubbed on to the abdominal walls. Finally, it is also given as a rectal sup-
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After a nerve injury, if formication is present on pressure
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would remain a drug addict. The treatment of the appellant
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surgeon in operations for internal hemorrhoids, fistulse, etc.
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discharge soon ceases and a reparative process is begun. In those cases
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different healthy individuals, a difference in the rapidity with which the acid
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can be seriously questioned. How much more valuable would have been
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Dr. W. Meyer in closing said that the right spot for the union^
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and in a faulty position. This is unusual, however. At the knee, if it
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from the mouth, and she became delirious, with a temperature of 99°, and
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central idea of a tract of land within easy access by water and
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This is one of the points most necessary to bear in mind when weighing
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charged some blood, but not any pus. He says he was all filled with
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ceeding evening. Next day (15th) the dose was repeated at one o'clock.
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Playfair, M.D., LL.D., F.B.C.P., Professor of Obstetrics in King's
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adherent ; surface smooth, stars congested, a little pale between. On
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Transfusion Tests. Transfusion of blood is a not uncommon

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