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Was it not probable that kala-azar is only ordinary malarial

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sent the most efficient curative agent in his control.

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or even unfit to drink, and dysentery is not uncommon

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of 12'6 for surgical treatment. For the next war the

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bers of this Congress desire earnestly to represent to

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an alarming extent in the large towns, but that the use

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logical criterion for the differentiation of what is known as croup or

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failure to obtain good residis, till he placed the instruments in

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i~uch a large army of chankidars intimately acquainted

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Bone affections are exceedingly prevalent in Kashmir ; and my experi-

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and condyle may, in turn, be subjected to a like manipulation. Should the

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25th August. — Morphine injection gr. ^th at 10 a.m.

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soon be well. A few minutes later he died. At the autopsy the peri-

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day. In the case where mottling was noted it appeared

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that unconsciously acted upon as regards the Educa-

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in certain portions of the cerebral cortex ; alike in histological character, but

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works, and my results are extremely similar to those

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designed by Dr. King for the ])urpose, combines the

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Tait had never been able to find but one authentic case himself; while he did

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tion, brought about in the cells of_ this region by the

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organs and their functions ; and on the general organism.

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. Malformations, vaginismus, displacement of the vaginal walls follow

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a Holt's dilator ; so that a lull-sized bougie can le

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brief outline of certain cases to which frequent allu-

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ther complicated by the fact that a reinfection of the

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are : (1) that albuminuria appears in tlie early months

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not remember that his mouth was sore also, but he has suffered

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the _ highest recorded throughout the attack ; when

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infected shed where lay the dead of the disease in the

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cording to his original warrant of assistant surgeon,

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The love ])hilter which contained arsenic was administer-

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4. Strict antisepsis, competent assistants, and a full understanding of the

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pharyngitis or laryngitis and diphtheria which, in fact, did not distin-

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tonsils, and but few bacteria in the crypts. No bacteria of any form

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method — men whose only occi pation is to restore

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no simple matter to estimate the extent of bone that will be sequestrated.

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