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worthy of a more permanent record than a hebdomadal serial can

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obstructed on the left side. The tinnitus was consecjuent on these alter-

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will be easily understood that the students would have their op-

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After the liver the spleen is the organ most frequently invaded.

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in the upper thirds of the right lung, but in the lower third only heart-

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in the cHnique for small animals at the Berlin school. He found : 306

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Musa, once, and he refers to a certain Craterus, but

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through opposite the point where the urethra was divided, and the

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The mtermittency recurred two or three minutes after exercise was

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point of inoculation, and the skin became thickened and wrinkled ;

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ingly the step taken by a young physician (Dr. Monribot) in establishing

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tion always follows rapidly and at a shorter interval than the others.

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colour ; liver enlarged ; deafness ; impaired sense of smell ; urine pale

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more marked and often alarming, swelling of the throat and of the

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looked to him for very great assistance in the coming year, which

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This so-called canchroid of the lip is oftenest noted in the cat, and

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143. An eight-year-old gelding, entered hospital March 29th, i^

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face of the pons. The nerve-tissue surrounding it was diffluent ; and,

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Senior Physician, Dr. Durrant, occupied the chair, and was supported by

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The immediate cause of his death was the rupture of a blood-vessel

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magnificent structure ; and human life is surely more precious than the

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The Joints. — In a large proportion of the cases of Acute Rheuma-

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Gallictts, the identity of the directions in these two

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Members of the College at their last meeting. The eighteenth clause,

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" Ut lethargicus, hie cum fit pugil. et medicum urget." — II Sat III, 30.

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lectures, d. They will dissect, and perform chemical and pharmaceu-

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infected from a pulmonary cavernous space ; in the other, from an

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its mucous membrane was apparently healthy. The suprarenal bodies

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the lungs. Even the heart was invaded, the myocardium of the left

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your attention to the principal varieties of pericarditis in the dog, and

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To the second, that of the various methods of inoculation with

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It remained standing for a few seconds, the hind limbs being

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painful, but moveable under the skin. The mouth was offensive.

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