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Drs. Coe and Wylie jointly write the description of the "Diseases of
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very well manifested in syphilis and chronic skin di-
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In 1886, Babes (()) reports the cultivation from six cases of pharyngeal
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ordinary circumstances, there are no indications of filari-
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observation will enable us to detect many cases of imposture, in which symp-
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good, and in proportion to the perfection of the same.
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of the Adirondacks, the Maine woods, and similar " spruce areas," are
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some infants upon cows' milk and Savory and Moore's
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some haemorrhage took place. The largest piece thus re-
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sition of sewage in most cases. From these analyses
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attacked by ulceration, which in my opinion is the result
combination treatment with tamsulosin and dutasteride for benign prostatic hyperplasia
below could reach to the sleeping people above, after-
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corda-equina covered with lymph ; considerable quantity
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of the cause of death of 2852 men, taken from the tables of the Collective In-
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been much less, had it not been for the forethought
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sound. He also recommends covering the canula with drain tubes when the
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lost its pathogenic p'operties, and did not give the
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As already stated, the English statistics for the five
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instant, I beg to inform you that most of the notable
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J. F. Tvhy (Siiharanpore) remai'ked tliat the plasters spfiken
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(6) Laparotomy will probably be more often practis-
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necessity of prefixing the qualification indicated by the
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were gnawing or clawing at the affected part. Thus a
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killed in the hut in which the woman bad been bitten.
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details are given concerning several of the cases, and a consecutive summary
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The special treatment of this form of intra-nasal inflammation has
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ill, the rash appearing on the sixth. On the day the
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to section hospitals of persons suffering from diarrheoa and
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1893-94 as against 80-11 in the preceding year. This is
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open to the authorities, I mean the establishment of
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The curative treatment is that by operation, and the
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posterior extremity, and a drainage tube introduced
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The age fixed, therefore, must always be approximate
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a licensed practitioner of medicine or a respectable
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tissues to destroy bacteria, but the citation of this fact

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