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generally been planted for some purpose. Nux vomica

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choice ; but it is not reasonable to declare that because

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5. Acetic acid appears especially to be recommended on account of its

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were prevailed upon in some instances to take to vacci-

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are both aconite roots, but from two different varieties

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the health resort for children. Of late years much has been

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a thorough salivation, but re-appeared six months later,

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coupled with certain clinical points as detailed below

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generated in the stomach or intestines as the result of

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coolies gave chloroform, the other looked after the

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often no pain ; the surface of the septum is raised, and

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contractei-surfaced form, but the enlarged, hypertro-

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nature and are so meagrely described, that it is very difficult to conclude

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of their position. Mr. A. Forbes gives a theoretical

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inhalation of CO. gas, preferable by a Kipp's apparatus,

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quinine has not received mnch attention irom medical

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harmful ; we must be prepared to give reasons for our

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except in two eases, which during life were marked by

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with an infernal fire," and the reason for this is not

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pus, the pleura was opened, but nothing but blood was obtained ; a second rib

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same time of the day as the previous estimation, my

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An old inhabitant told me that the diseases usually

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very great prevalence of leprosy in this middle region.

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such as atony or congestions. The latter are sometimes

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Tihs t^ riff grain. In 17 there were no serious symptoms; among the 6

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inches from the ground, but the roof was lofty nnd water-

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was such as to prevent free delivery of the head, and

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healthy for the next three days. The animal was kept

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cult task ; while gynecology for all peoples and times has been enriched

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state really improved through the sleep and quiet produced ? Is the

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episode of the case : this girl gradually recovered from her ophthalmo-

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