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ment — (1.) Local ligature of the digit, finger, or limb,

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The following day, no improvement having taken place, on consent

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brane remains swollen and inflamed, and after a short time that which

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while the conjunctiva presents a peeidiar bluish-white

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surface, especially of bone, is exposed to tubercular infection. There

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exposure to a tropical climate not infrequently begets

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slept in the same room. The ftetus was thrown into a canal, where it was

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Dorsalis, Bulbar Paralysis; Loss of Vision and Hearing. By R. P. Howard, M.D. 238

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tendencies of the particular case, as the same form of insanity may vary

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English and American surgeons to accept his views. Suppose we accept his

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animals in order to clear advances of money which they

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ably well and others badly, and the same may be said

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insidious in its approach that cases are frequently

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MM. Kelsch and Kiener state that the officers of the

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or elbow-joints. The upper extremities remain in a condition of adduc-

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the civil hospitals, were added to the army to assist in

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and the services of our men could thus, at a slight

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tion. They claimed for it excellent results, and for careful, learned, and

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tines without injuring them. He absolutely denies that every perforating

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It is simply necessary to give the contaminating secretion in the

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parenchymatous degeneration of kidney ; extensive umbilical ])hlegmon

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able. There was a history of malaria. As there were constantly increasing

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linement of scientific research— the bacteriologist — to

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of all this was that the price of cinchona-bark steadily

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been used in fevers, bronchitis, headache and cough with

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In the second case two tumors appeared in the lower part of the left

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force, and the water-supply, although from_ numerous

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provincial revenues, and that nothing beyond organi-

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by Dr. M. C. White, from the specimen preserved in alcohol, shows the

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On the posterior wall of the larynx, between it and the oesophagus,

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the enlargement of the glands was caused by the para-

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tance, is the multiplication of the bile-ducts. This

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