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and membranes found in the tympanic cavity in otitis sclerotica must not be
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. Madras, and Joubert, of Calcutta. Further, I venture
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pupils dilated widely. Three minutes later the animal
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to some diseases. All diseases are not caused by bacteria,
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loss of power to a great extent but never complete, contractures, no
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are to select from, for many reasons, one being that
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of giving good results if tried in a case of belladonna
avodart uses side effect thirst
dilated. Right pupil cannot be seen on account of the extreme
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deG\ared to he murder by poison, drugging, etc' If this
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vertical, all of these changes being apparently due to a marked kyphosis of the lumbar or dorso-lumbar
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pieces and sections in every direction, the stone was chiselled into sufficiently
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be found and no minute aneurism, such as might have occurred in the
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largest of the four occurring in a very thin and ema-
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fever in private practice to infection by nurses or the neglect of
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tumor. Examined with a moderately high power (250X — 300X), it is
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and these considerations led me to investigate the sub-
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instance distinguish an}' cases as being in the least
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again a daily issue of three grains was ordered. The
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ing the Civil Surgeon of the district, pronounced, in un-
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properly labelled, and given out with " precautions mentioned in
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and of left lung. Right lung was found consolidated.
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The heart was in a very advanced stage of fatty degeneration.
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can but hit one or two men, especially a sahib, even
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About twelve sepoys took the disease ; one died on the fifteenth
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enlarged, and the mediastinal glands were also mani-
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a crime, although by means of measurements prisoners
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that tea was found valuable, when given perfectly warm
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time at my disposal to lay before you a sketch of the
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marked cases were noted ; of these there were 260. In 102 the hyper-
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symphysial angle the best result is attained, the sum of all errors in the
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7. T'egumentary system, — As a result of impaired
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magnificent infiltration galleries, and the distribution

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