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general sm-gery, and also about chloroform, from P it-

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apart from such general functional diminution, there are, in exceptional

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that several lives have been lost from tight bandaging

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these diseases as the organs for the elimination of microorganisms, though not

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wounded from the field during the battle by means of

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2nd, and to normal on the 3rd, where it remained till his

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due, he considered, to disproportion in the four states

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first mentioned campaign, the two sides were fairly

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apothecary, and ten sick attendants with bottles of

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behind it great destruction of the soft tissues. A Lee-

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isolated and identified it by cultures in only five cases ; from the tonsils

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leaving the ranks for the purpose of carrying their

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The term hypertrof hy of the adenoid ti.>-sue in the

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establishments ; the regulation of the crowds in transit,

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acceleration of the pulse are simply the results of

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coloured- In cases marked by ulceration the cicatrics

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responding articular areas on the upper surface of the

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enschr., 1888, No. 38, 762) would warmly [recommend it in ascites of this

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It is difficult to prove a jackal rabid. J5ut jackals

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case observed in a child two and a half years old.^ The patient recov-

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Such a foetus is extremely rare ; the limbs are supposed to have been ampu-

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cases was 89^, and 100 per cent, of the children. Caruso concludes, there-

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of an individual is found to be 5 '37 days, the maximum

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all palpable disease, and to avoid antiseptic irritation, I secured union

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amenorrhoea and leucorrhcea with success. Locally it

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Rice requires 36 to 40 inches of water, and requires it

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recovered without positive evidence of extensive laceration of the kidney

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the everheated blood current and to the poisons circu-

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predispose to the disease, and that as these are some

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disc having fairly regained its normal tint. So far

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opportunities of post mortems, and thought his experience was

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