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primarily affected regain their power. In some instances, internal

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only describes syphilis, but has even touched upon its

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be placed on .part of it, and directly under the control

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substance of the underlying tissue, ulceration, phlegmon, oedema, and

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vations, and shall also endeavour to contrast the disease

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with the people's more deeply-seated and legitimate opi-

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otomy, as performed at present. In 32,988 births at the Maternite and Lari-

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Leprosy is attributed to a bacillub discovered in the

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Index-Catalogue to the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office United States Army. 57

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" Enteric Fever in India," p. 21. (<?) An account by acorrtspon-

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viscera. In cases of murder by poison, white arsenic

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to ensure in many districts. Secondly, it kills fi"ogs.

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" 13. Contracts for provisions are to be approved by

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difficult, and which must be applied with perfect steadiness and con-

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Lumbardars, who reported the occurrence and had the

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eclampsia, in twin and triplet pregnancies, its fatal effect

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ative estimation is to test the efficacy of a filtering

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had been sent after the amputation, he saw many soldiers

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The taste of this mixture is very bad, however, and we often have much

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immediately closed the lid over the eye, allowed it to

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difference in the operations themselves. Of the minor

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the only symptom which I will mention as not being always present in

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practice, has varied usually from three to six minims, and continued

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which pronounced displacements of the uterus existed, causing severe vomit-

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I was not able to spare separate calves for cultivation

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guese army of occupation in Ceylon, and who wrote an account

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tended and separated from the whole shaft, and the medullary cavity is

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personal observations which differ but slightly from those of other practitioners.

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compression of the cough centre, while admitting the little scientific value of

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of grain with them, and that the pestilence is usually

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this very valuable diug further than that it forms an

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and various bulbar symptoms characteristic of tabes. Treatment with

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easily felt on deep inspirations at a point three inches below the left

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this triangle is dissected up to almost its very base

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