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were more regularly perforated. As regards the skull,

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and one, a beggar, who had probably been all over the

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" {d~) Emaciation, weakness, nasal disease, loss of

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cept in the generally contracted pelvis, the diminution of this diameter is

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irritation will serve to keep it up, and hypertrophy is the necessary

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denounced in the same terms. To use one set of terms

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ductor as acidulated water if the resistance of the skin be avoided.

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of the kindly souls, who respond to the queries in the

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remain till November, but after that there are very few

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1 These studies have extended over a period of two years, so that the cases from the large foundling

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palpitation of the heart and even actual dyspnoea in certain cases.

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substances, whether animate or inanimate, is dwelt upon and illustrated

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power that they are to be feared, but because of the

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operation is to be regarded simply as a palliative, and not as a curative measure.

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even if fertilized, could have no chance of development."

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contains a larger proportion than any other part of

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was pushed to stop this annoying reflex symptom, and

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it, and on the second day after operation I almost invari-

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1803, but it was not till 1871 that any serious measures

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tance, is the multiplication of the bile-ducts. This

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he turns it toward the median line and raises it up, at once bringing the liga-

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falling out of cultivation. So grave were these ru-

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staff that the department may be said to keep in touch

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(different drugs, at should be remembered that the general health

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