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that the disease came into existence for the first time at

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stationary. In a doubtful case of second stage, there was great im-

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tabes, treatment with mercury should be undertaken in every case with such

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monstrates that salts of strychnia are absolutely power-

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bcesia is in this state, and would be easily attacked by

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A drank the water of a notoriously polluted river, and

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erogation, but it is ineft'ectual as at present prac-

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afforded by experimental data from which all sources

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regards the salt (NaCl) less intake and far greater

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softer than tliose met with in Europe. The cause df this

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This shows a loss of Rs. 19,239-11-6, or rather more

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symptoms as well as exert a toxic action, though their occurrence is excep-

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mood, with great irritability of temper. This is usually accompanied

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It is now universally admitted by all bacteriologists

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culty of providing a special sanitary officer for each

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once in his life, like small- pox and some other diseases

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often becomes to decide the question of sanity or insanity

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the same method as is essential to all the experimental

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A. MHra (Kashmir) did not agree with Dr. Sen that climate

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occur where communities are closely packed, as in towns, and

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of serous fluid ; in a fourth case, part of the right lung

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• Tralte de rempyenie, par L. Bouveret, Paris, 1888.

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respect displays a difference in the causation of its

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Any of the graver forms of insanity may pass into a condition of

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state of the nervous system. Delivery by relieving the tensi<m

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blur alike disappeared, and in a week from the onset, I

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changes in the uterus or ovaries." The context to this, while it may

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regard them as pigmented amceb* ; they are at any rate much

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X Uoy. Med. Cliir. Soc, May 22, 1894.— (B. M. J., May 26, 1891.)

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January and February 1893, however, a sudden recrudes-

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he cannot bite my finger placed between his teeth ; little if any lateral

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