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secreted by this microbe, and in obtaining a cultivation liquid which,

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fection of supposed areas of contamination and infection.

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temperature in the axilla, the patient objected to its

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to say that the detailed notes of this case have been

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ed functional activity, leading to secretion of bile

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characterized all his subsequent surgical procedures.

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adulterants of ghee I beg leave to lefer to that valuable

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is possible that many authentic recoveries, supposed

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tions of Europe ; and it may be argued that use has

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one in five. Unfortunately many of the cases come into the

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iliac spines will tell all that external diameters are capable of telling.

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Several cases of a similar result from the use of salicylate of sodium are

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al, or homicidal. The Report of the Health Officer of

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advantages of the Beer and Graefe knives. In it the widening of the

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of a friend who had observed that among the poorer classes

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find a liver free from congestion of some form or other ?

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in this respect than myself. Now the results caused by

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fascial layers covering it. Then, before removing the scalpel, the groove on

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rose suddenly to 80 or lOO per c. c, without adequate

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no such examination has been made as would lead to its recognition. If

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I confirmed the diagnosis of the disease in 1893 and

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how it comes to pass that sewage farming is so much

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" blowing " cows"' might be open to serious question.

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edges of the wound, which appeared to correspond in

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dying in the midst of a campaign. It is the blackest

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was out of the question, as there was no space to use the

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There is a fair amount of evidence to show that by its long-continued

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As I had no instruments fit for such a proceeding, An-

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mass of granulation tissue or " proud flesh " is exposed

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