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an account of the case of a physician, fifty-three years old, a victim to the
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The next, and the most remarkable I have yet met with, was one of
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will be facilitated greatly with the help of the verna-
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men from each company, would not suffice for the wants of
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at artificial maturation can be considered justifiable.
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water might have been caused by the presence of gases of decomposition.
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such as will astound and dismay the surgeon accustomed
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remarks, in this connection : " It is just here that judgment and experi-
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Second. — Deranged nutrition. — Though for the most
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occasionally poisoned to satisfy a grudge, the more usual
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an almost complete immunity from the disease. The cases
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the inhalation-chamber by a leaden pipe. For the details of the preparation
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grave doubt as to whether they are really clean. This form of in-
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often found notched in order to assist adhesion of a paste
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him a probable explanation. These toxines might, or might
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early in 1853, and lingered in the Moradabad district i
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medicines themselves. The provisions of the Act, in
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barren hills of the western frontier, the eastern is well
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was confined the same day, the temperature being persistently
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the chief author, universally adopted. Pott did not
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ailments gratuitously treated and often at the entire
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If it is a distinct fever by itself, as I regard it, then
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that one should be on his guard in giving his opinion in case he
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cases. But in the next four years from November 1885,
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Such a foetus is extremely rare ; the limbs are supposed to have been ampu-
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is thickened and atrophic, so that the terminal phalanx is flexed on the
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per million per annum during the five years, 1889 to
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tion, 1 claim them for our dairy produce — produce on
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bad, quinine sulph., grs. xx., were administered by the mouth,
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use of large doses. Collapse and rigors will be avoided, if no effort be made
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applied to compress the main vessels. In several cases
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strength ; these were applied twice daily. To obstinate nodules and patches

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