Dapsone Gel Cystic Acne

cerebrum. This led to the trial of the effect of sleeping drugs, such as

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and mononuclear wandering cells. "There were just necrotic areas filled

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> W. O. MacCallum, Johns Hopkins Hospital Hiillotin, 1011, xxii. 107.

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in the antibody content in the serum, which diminution appears to be

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had supervened upon obstinate constipation, due to an enormously dilated

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loss of the opportunity to procure this important therapeutic

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embryonic ganglion cells and of non-medullated nerve-fibres. There were

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factors of importance. In both papers, the history of cervical rib from the

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in the leg than in the arm are found in the majority of cases of aortic

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The patient, Edith V., a married woman, aged thirty-one years, had

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the bacillus of Ducrey, and the Fontana-Tribondeau method for Spiro-

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Atrophy of the testes was obtained in cockerels which had actually

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Dr. a. C. Abbott: There can be no division of opinion as to the

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Only on one occasion has the author been able to photograph the placenta

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the kidney filtering membranes, it would be very susceptible to every change

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Loeb, L., intravenous injections in animal and human cancer, 30

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a healthy knee, or may be reproduced if the member, instead of being

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rate of this operation. No case of air embolism has yet been recorded as

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lan Burns. Fiist American edition; with a Life of the Author, and additional

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de l'origine emotive du goitre exophtalniique. -Presse med., 1920, 28, 753-6.

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Yates, J. L., cultural results in Hodgkin's disease, 226

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15B Dr Cheney's Case of Laceration of the Uterus, [April,

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blood and to increase the number of blood platelets. In tuberculous cases

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about 0-35 per cent. ; but 0>5 per cent, can be obtained if the Ringer's

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