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ciiileclcil diiriiijr ninsciilar rest and uitliout stasis slioidd lu' only sli^htl.V

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|ii,icticaliy at the same time as it would have occurred had no artitieinl

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itate.l l.y the diseovery that a similar condition is readily iridnced l.\

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llir |iiiKi's I'liiiii two far ili^taiit j'art-^ <>( tlir arterial systriii iilmij; >vilii

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and experiments of Langendorff, Huerthle, Horsley, and many later investi-

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production of pain is not necessarily a contra-indication, and especially when

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and exact pathological histology of the growths. About 1885 a serious

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The cxist.'iiee of such sul.stauces was su^-ested l.y oti

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The ocular manifestations of chronic interstitial nephritis are common.

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which has been thus ascertained by Sir E. Home, although the

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nostic importance. By this form of invasion, by direct extension, or by a

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»•»» tun tfiviiion • «o Mfi Dar< cacn diviiion •sodiyt

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had become nonnal. In two patients the pleurisy was associated with an

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33. Paralysis. — ^Infantile paralysis need not disqualify in the adult appli-

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observations on cats make it doubtful whether the parathyroids are not more

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Is impossihie to secure licmouloliin of siifticieiit purity to test this rela-

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ii n,„l„li/,.,ii,„i „r tliis s„|,.t;,„.... r,„„, tiss,„.s v,l,..,.,. i, „;„ „„, ,,|,s.,|„t..K

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\i.ii,.iiv pie-*nie. llie iiiti 11 iMiiial pressure. tli.> pressure in the \iiinus

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Of these, two products of the reaction the we;d; base is real)sorbed by

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the opposite side. The glands may swell on both sides at the same time.

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ations are few, the chief abnormality being aplasia. Inflammatory altera-

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but there is no ground for suspecting that fracture

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the early stages the cartilage may be injected. The earliest change appears

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reich; (2) myoclonus of the functional or hysterical type; (3) myoclonia

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.Miiir I'Inss, liki' rpiiM-pliiiiif, liiivc flio prcipcify (if raisiim tlio Mooil prrs-

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described. Various explanations have been given for the cases of pituitary

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by mental, external, or somatic stimuli. There are persons in whom the

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making albumin more diffusible, or rendering it norv-assimilahle, permitted

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That ehciiiical and not nervnus factms cause the apnea is fuithei-

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already at sea, the validity of the above objections

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I'.el'ore We consider a \er\ important property of eolloii^; known a>

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normal and necrosis may result. In some cases the bone becomes rarefied

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consists of a rnhher h;iy; at least l"2 cm. hroad and covered on its on'

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employed in suprapubic aspiration should not be any larger than the average

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United States the insurance of invalid lives has been frowned upon by the

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