Clotrimazole Troche Tablets

deemed worthy of analysis. ... It is much more than a mere compilation of abstracts, for,
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Bismuth Paste in Chronic Suppuration. E. C. Beck. $2.50. C. V.
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(c) Cardiac Branches. — These with branches from the sympathetic
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mitted chiefly by the direct and crossed pyramidal tracts and the antero-
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The administration of bland foods and mild ferruginous tonics should
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tests, for the study of which the reader is referred to works on urinal-
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have made an autopsy on one child of twenty months in which the in-
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It is almost 30 millimeters (1.1 inches) in length, and inhabits the
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catarrh, the latter rarely leading to broncho-jDneumonia, may also super-
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the respiratory murmur — all signs pointing to pleural effusion. The
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as a rule, for a few years. A gradual subsidence of the cardinal symp-
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intimate the pleasant relations already existing, while those who met him
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Conservation of the Ovary. By William A. Humphrey, M.D. .. 921
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in Chemistry, Harvard Medical School. Handsome octavo volume of over 408 pages,
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cause conditions that simulate bronchiectasis. The diagnosis may be made
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dium bicarbonate. These indications are also fulfilled by lavage once daily
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and usually extends over a larger superficial area or is less circumscribed
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The annual meeting of the Corporation and the Board of Trustees of
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(2) The inhalation of numerous and widely various irritants, as
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creased size and consistency of the feces. The size of the fecal
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lowing and partial regurgitation of li(|uids and solids into the nasal
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Topfer's Method. — To 10 c.c. of filtered gastric juice 1 or 2 drops
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the neck, and the lumbar region. After a brief interval contractions
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unless the diaphragm is involved. The patient ordinarily lives for
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ent cure one or more recurrences may be witnessed before the age of
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water, fasting, in the morning. The preparations of bismuth may be
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cussate in the anterior commissure of the cord ; like the tract previously
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liable to rupture from excessive muscular exertion.
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esis, enterorrhagia). with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea ; or increas-
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The symptoms will depend upon the circumstances, whether the
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of more air. Commencing cyanosis may indicate the development of
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may be pronounced in such cases, or at least be hastened, by the accumu-

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