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sought to give, not only the details of descriptive anatomy in a clear and condensed form, but also
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represented by a spiral cleft between the outer pillars and the
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ailments only for a period not longer than three or four daj'S. In the 23
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complete. It is sometimes produced in newly-born children by the em-
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widely, not including cases of unusual severity. In very mild cases, the
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Those represented in figures 25 and 27 end in relatively short,
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crease of temperature below the minimum of health is extremely ominous.
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found in the intestines, corresponding to the two attacks of fever." ^
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The statement concerning the use of diuretics, with reference to dropsy,
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the intracephaUc horizontal fibrillar band becomes free or at
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in persons not known to be affected with renal disease. To determine
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sory or prodromic period, and by others as a stage of the disease. The
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ing to the extent to which it has advanced, the amount and situations of
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lateral, comiin y cutdneo general y una porci6n oftdlmica pro-
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Keibel and Mall 1912 Human embryology, vol. 2. Philadelphia.
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sizes separately one after another imder conditions as similar as
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than on the opposite side, although subsequently, if the patient recover
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aflfected; so that secondary degeneration could not have been a
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apparent. The movements are limited to the upper and lower extremit}^
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as well as other of the remedies given to favor the solubility of uric acid
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were males and 18 females. It occurs very rarely prior to adult life. It
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second week, in 32 during the first week, in 21 during the third week, in
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the lapse of a few hours, the afiection resembles, in this fact, a paroxysm
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pARPENTER [WILLIAM B.), M.D., F. R. S.„ F.G.S., F.L.S.,
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tion of structural disease of the pancreas and fatty diarrhoea has been
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in the changes in the reaction to Miiller's fluid has not been
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lication (24) demonstrate the normal condition of the glia reticu-
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upper part of the graph. The small circles show the approximate
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tion, other elements are probably involved. The dietetic principles, the
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' De la Nevralgic lombaire, etc., Archives Gen^rales de Medecine, 1858.
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' Report on the Yellow-Fever Epidemic of British Guiana, by Daniel Blair,
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could be pretty clearly demonstrated in sections, which were
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perceive that It is covered by two membranes, the external
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