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virulence unmodified by habit, somewhat similar to the
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layer of tissue separating the pelvic cavity from that of the abdomen moved
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filtered drinking v}<Uer for distribution to x>o,ssengers by Brahmin
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would be naturally inferred if that particular theory of
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acid potash, salts of tartaric, citric malie and other
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Undoubtedly cases as they occur in practice would make a better
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stripes on them, so as to be unmistakable even when
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this fact has been advanced as a proof that the enteric
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the heart from shock transmitted through the nerve, as well as to produce the
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motto that was so frequently applied to the Sanitary
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were appointed at home and those who were entertain-
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number of stout, long bacilli in the more superficial portions. Cul-
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three and half feet long ; seen half an hour after. Then
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to soil peculiarities, and a committee might well meet to draw
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who are fed on artificial foods with practically no milk. Antiscor-
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plunging about and shouting to his chums, he suddenly
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conditions. It is especially the disease of large towns
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changes in the uterus or ovaries." The context to this, while it may
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with temperature at or near normal, there developed a swelling in the
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the bone at once so as to allow the escape of any pus.
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been given them by some men of their own companv on
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side of the end of the middle finger and the mark left by the nail can
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2 Ibid., p. 3G3 from Arch. /ftr. Psychiatric, B. XTii. Heft. 2, Jandriissik.
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ing this condition, by withdrawing the blood to the
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deserves more high consideration. There is everything
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side, and the stone platform facing the lower story,
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the employment of a moderately strong syringing with warm water will usu-
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vary from the average. As a matter of fact, it does vary^ from i" to li"
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lst_ — Was the skeleton that of a male or female ?
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the vessels. In the other, it acts upon the vessels themselves, and contracts
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well-defined areas from the Brahmaputra to the Indus,
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Dr. Howard Kelly contributes a well-written and finely illustrated
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c. es. or under, whereas Eui'opean male skulls run from

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