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But as I have remarked, the directions about diet were
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sewage is to apply it continuously to land." However,
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people who were, or had been, in our service, both civil
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bowels with an enema. He was blistered over the epi-
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extended over the epiglottis, completely investing the larynx to below
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bite to be far from a safe proceeding. This opinion
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the subject, the matter is arranged under the following heads : etiology,
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the variety known as biliary cirrhosis, but fiom this
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of the Neem tree : root, bark, leaf, flower and fruit.
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neuralgias that are so apt to follow attacks of melancholia. Galvaniza-
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made with the purpose of loca'iug the as.-emblage on the
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interstitial nephritis. The latter should be easily distinguished by the
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which are similar but somwhat smaller. The interval
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Several plans have been proposed, or naturally occur,
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them he reports, by way of illustration. The patient began and continued to
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the centre of the right tonsil ; it was seemingly so trivial, and caused so
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After this a walk of twenty minutes in the open air is
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the rule even in temperate climates. " This intermittent
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in India they have to deal with a reasonable people, who, although
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menorrhagia and uterine troubles generally. Within halt
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A second advantage has been claimed for arthrectomy, that mobility
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cataract, due, according to Ferret, to the potash salts of the
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the people are clamouring for an extension of the canal,
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ing a mass from one of the larger glands, a capsule
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in all such cases, by appropriate methods, Eberth's
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(Parkes). (J). Epidemic Apthoiis Fever : Dr. Robinson, Dover,
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per annum. For the five years, 1889 to 1893, 236 cases
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mucous membrane of the nares and throat is found congested and
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clinical observation of twelve cases, has formed the following beliefs regard-
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least twice daily with some antiseptic solution, and all known means should
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ladies, in one of whom all the childi'cn who were fed
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down to bifurcation of trachea; firmly attached as far down as vocal
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chiefly an hypertrophy of the mucous membrane, but in the unilateral
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are constantly attacked, and the preservation from pests
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fibrinous pellicle which somewhat, but not very closely, resembles the
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