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of physiological research countless thousands are thus
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ulcers, in the removal of cicatricial tissue, etc., and concludes that: 1. In all
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That pounded rvhite arsenic, except in special cases
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tims appear to be robust males, between the ages of
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intermittent fevers due to an organism flourishing during
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treatment before rupture of the sac it is of prime importance. To those
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more easily and largely affected by afferent impulses
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named quinine andicinchonine. Q-uinidine was discover-
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sold to the general public. Cinchona febrifuge being,
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It is an interesting question how far these so-called sequels or well-
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siderabl}' minimises the secondary fever. The marks
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7. Prognosis of the disease. — Favorable, as far as
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twenty-eight seizures with f>ix deaths. The epidemic Iwsied
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cases, 45 were males and 21 females. 37 cases were affected with the
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nature. The first indications pointing in this direction
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ing it near to its bifurcation, there is little risk of injury
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still water in the top compartment is that next the tap —
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Secondly. — The provision of an efficient and well-con-
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age disposal reported, "that land irrigation is not
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is one of the staple foods of the people, is curtailed in
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lumbar glands of the left side there was a copious dis-
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they could, are for the benefit of both men and ani-
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physical exertion involved. AVhether any of the detach-
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of a core of lead and antimony encased in a hard inelastic
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with all the problems connected with the criminal as
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extend to still other bunches of fibres, and then give rise to the well-
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proposed measures will be distinctly a change ior the
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several nerves, according to the distribution of the determining lesions.
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so increases risk of escape of vitreous at the time of
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Miss Cobhe's writings are full of it. Now, it is surely

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