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a purely expectant plan is pursued. The importance cannot be sufliciently

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a work on general hygiene, such, for example, as Parkes' Manual,

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classes. Crime can never be diminished through fear

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to sulphuric acid, 5 to arsenic and 2 to hydrocyanic acid,

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culty of providing a special sanitary officer for each

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still sacrificed in India. Are their sufferings beneficial

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a hypodermatic syringe, the nozzle of which pierces the covering without

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Others name it typho-remittent fever, implying thereby

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at that time Supei'intendent of the Hon'ble Company's

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Under it the skin and the kidneys were excited to free

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which developed in the fifth week after the attack.

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almost all the solid urinary excretion, Roberta regarded the

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in the "ural districts, undoubtedly produce in the rural

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feeling of emptiness in the stomach such as has been described,

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introduce the hand to the fundus immediately, then grasp the feet; they will

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congested ; skin dry and burning ; tongue furred ; bowels

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of the middle ear shows the importance of watching the mouth and the

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contradistinction to the thousands of wounded which

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instruments, and the uterus could not well be reached.

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is rarely, if ever, seen. In the majority of cases, the

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• Tralte de rempyenie, par L. Bouveret, Paris, 1888.

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was no external wound or contusion. On the 15th of January a fluc-

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mental disease, but which would be better named cortical disease. We

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frost-bitten followers in hospital there. Three cases

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will find a fiiirly complete accoant of the morbid anato-

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Kreutznach [idem.), as the very best agent of a very extensive detailed series

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such as are found in a continued fever, hence they can-

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folds when the eye recovers after the operation, for

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their remedying. Other distinct additions by the same hand consist of

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congested state of the liver ; these latter say that they

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tones high in pitch were attended with violent depressions anteriorly of

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