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come and the nature of the channel by which they reach

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trol and all private latrines not kept in a sati^ifactory condi-

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from twenty to thirty per cent, of white arsenic is used

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moderate amount of resistance, the muscles of the thigh standing out

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vantage of their cruel acts, who drive geldings and eat

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of Dr. Banks, Civil Medical Officer of Puri, that a

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injured spot : afterwards, from delirium, stertorous

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potent (five times less at least) than Turkey opium. Such

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I shall now endeavour to describe to you his condition as I

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it is that it occasionally sacrifices an unnecessary

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ed weak, stimulants were given in the shape of rum,

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cites the melancholiacs, in whom opium has a sedative effect. The

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numerous cases of continued fever, extending over thirt y

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Miss Cobhe's writings are full of it. Now, it is surely

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reference to the accommodation of pilgrims ; a Village

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ly qualified, and be Europeans in large towns and |

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deputed to Assam. Dr. Giles submitted his report in

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to make some notes, but found the study scarcely worth

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plain hot water may assist in the absorption of the very

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The technical axp 'ct. — This involves the consideration

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account of their local or general poisonous action.

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sinuses, and irregular and frequently severe head pains from implica-

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portance : First, the time from the beginning of ansesthetization until anaesthe-

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changes exert their action in corresponding effects.

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In all cases i made use of Bassini's process, which,

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cause of cholera, though he may not be able to explain

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In this village, which is a large one, only 6*2 per cent,

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]>rakiische Dermatologie, No. 20, 1888) has collected data showing a gradual

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should be thoroughly disinfected and fumigated, the latrine

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time in or about the house, insti-ad of being immediately re-

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