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but in using any of these great care should be taken not to depress the
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for the charge. It was afterwards found that she was
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ranted to cure dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea,
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day, a copy to be sent to Sanitary Commissioner for in-
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infection of any infected or supposed infected area on
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increments against funds that might otherwise be avail-
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become acquainted with it in India in its particular applica-
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it was prevalent to a very great extent atnong the new comers
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presentating all questions connected with it to the local
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number of illustrious names, and with so bright a record
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every palpable group of lymphatic glands was affected.
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always been observed in spinal nerves, and has not been seen in any of
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water, and finally sterilized by the use of a steam jet.
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was performed, [The writer draws the extraordinary lesson from these cases
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nations, it is no wonder that menstruation commences
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is the best ally that hygiene could have, and but paves
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portion (corpuscle) is potash. " Soda is the alkali, the
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sketch will show that, except that the temperature chart
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chanter is reddened but unbroken. Pulse feeble and rapid, but regular.
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The limitation of the subject permits of greater elaboration and of a
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by a lengthy description of the appearances presented
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add that, in my hands, direct inoculation of rabbits aud
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ally cold ; and the stormy cold weather lasted well into
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broken bone, or of opposing their reduction or setting.
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for every Government area, wliere lymph in sufficient quantity
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like; in another, that lived twenty- one days, it wasslatey
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In a few the fever lasted two or three days over the
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and with pil. opii. usually one grain repeated if necessary.
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have arange of 2,000 yards, there is nothing to fear from
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deep anaesthesia of the limbs, faintness, extremely small
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calculus does to the litliotrite. It wa^ now decided to
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and the head affected with the face and the extremities.

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