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scrofula there is a large number which ajrain may be

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divided. The omental mass, measuring two inches by one and one-half by one

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raising the point of the toe from the ground the whole foot had to be

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contused vertical wound, one inch by a quarter of an inch at the

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the masses in India. We have referred to those acts

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increase of the aromatic sulphates in the urine, going

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15. It is almost always preferable to treat cortical exhaustion, irrita-

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grows, »nd also its botanical ciiaracters, we had no reason to

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exposed when the eyes are open. Berlin has always found the cornea intact,

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excessive purging and blood-letting are more charac-

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mal for a given mammal, male or female, they are said to be super-

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supervision and control by sanitary police and other

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are regarded as demonstrating the efficiency of an-

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Kusta Paranf/i is a fonn of skin disease, resulting from parangi,

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was necessary when the patient passes only 100 grains

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5 grs. per gallon, and as chlorine is a normal and very

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Hindoos of other hierh castes, who only eat food cook-

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Death by poisoning of a non-criminal kind is usually

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has been unprecedented. Within the last three mouths,

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even by softened scabs. Although the adminiitration

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tion, I have been unable to obtain either the clinical notes or the

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must have effectively destroyed all pathogenic micro-

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2w(/. — Spasm of the siiperior rectus, which invari-

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encouragement given to the extension of animal vacci-

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Coics' milk. — For such infants, and for those for whom

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buri" (at twenty an old women), but he had repeatedly seen

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of calcium salts rather than to the diminution of the

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Professor Pinard, of Paris, has especially contributed

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to the hilt. In the first edition of the anti-vivisec-

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removed. Since that time the patient had remained well, and was able to do

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expected to be large. Taking into account the intense brightness

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doubt, a little commerce, but that commerce, in the

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productive of overtone, and by drawing the fork through the fingers, or

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in Ireland, and in Ireland I believe alone of the countries of

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