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Ptomaims. — If it is true that ptomaines are cada-

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entirely to the hands and fingers, and in the case of Haslund^ they were

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tion, with all its train of symptoms, re-occurs. The

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and extrusion of the foetus are between the layers of the broad ligament,

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and acetone, since the more there was of the one present in the urine the less

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not a sentient being ? Are their sufferings beneficent to

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liver was enlarged, weighing 21bs. 8oz., was smooth, of a brown-

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leaves have a saline taste. This tree might, therefore,

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owing to the fact, already twice mentioned, that museum specimens

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owing to their carelessness, two of my servants were bitten by

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previous result, comes back after a year with the same

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and hospital accommodation, we may disarm pilgrimages

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their power to make attempts to reduce or set it. It

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has been done, one drop of a two per cent solution of

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The new department was to keep " all local authori-

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foreign substance is imbedded or wedged in the canal, or when the latter has

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in the matter, in order that means may be adopted to

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in most cases not at all, frambcesia is followed by

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pounders employed in these registered shops should be

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absence of rifling marks and the facet on the side — show

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but the Germans have a different story to teU about

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received during the first examinations than a rather

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after the sutures are applied, and once a day subsequent-

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diabetic urine was not considered as of serious import

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a grain, a quantity which, as is well known, undergoes

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in 3 cases there was no diminution in amount of sputa ; in 1 case the

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days following the accident, on account of the swelling of the part, the large

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the disease, but they proved to be the so-called " mast-cells." Numerous

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as much as ten grains, morning and evening, in this Avay. Should

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which have extended to the deep layers of the cutis

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In one instance not only the nose and the upper lip

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of King Chithrakethu was poisoned by his step-mother.

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as he believed, from having become chilled in a very cold corridor. The

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and to determine in what constituent of the liver the

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