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wise as to the fate probably in store for them hereafter.

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weeks, and in these the destruction of the liver-tissue

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It is, I believe, essentially necessary to make the Civil

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axilla to the ilium, 6 inches broad, which gradually passed

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L. Rogers (Punjaub) thouglit that from a pathological

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four authentic cases on record. In order to lessen the danger from a large

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puscles are found wherever the disease process exists.

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Patient bitten 5 a.m., treated 8 a.m., died in 31 hours.

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stant exercise of a sufficient degree of vigilance to pre-

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distribution of casualties, we come to. the more special

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removal from wells was a greater safeguard than any disinfection

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15 years, (?) was admitted into hospital on 17th March

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do not specially occur when the fever has been marked by an excess of

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from delicate, and that it often fails to reveal the acid when other tests show

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splinters. Several cases were recorded of injury to the eye evidently through

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again. Irritative skin diseases, such as eczema, are

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practitioners of the town is that over fifty per cent, of

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D. /V; jioy (Calcutta) romtirked tluit Drs. Banerjee ana Duke had

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refer to the special notes at the foot of the temperature

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Jiii Babaji, Hindu, para. 9, age 40, admitted on the 2oth.

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answered just as well as the field hospitals. This,

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But in cases where Canada balsam is used for mounting

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many of the woodcuts are of rather inferior quality. These are, however,

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the small-pox. A bungalow was, therefore, ordered to

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material required. The cost is about 10 or 12 rupees.

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pounds. She is bright and intelligent ; there is no mental disturbance,

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Tlie presence of an initial sore in every case of the

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the three stages, periodicity, as well as the amenability

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Of these the Rath Jatra, occurring at the unhealtliiest time of

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