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of changes goes on until, in extreme cases, the lower turbinated body

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side. This enabled me to remove the offending piece of

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in vain efforts to escape, we hear little, and of the

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certain centres, where strict veterinary precautions can

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hospitals with an extraordinary zeal, and aid societies

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it and its adjacent part is dissected up and reflected

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if the cornea were the segment of the same circle, as

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to cicatricial contraction of the new material poured out to occupy the

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on the hillside, in accordance with the following ground

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a remarkable change on the left side of the chest ; it already looks

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by Assistant Surgeons and Civil Hospital Assistants, the

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after were more pronounced and accompanied also by a

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in no sense a purifier as regards bacteria, and although animal

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have heard of no case of this disease in these parts.

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such as Burmah and the Lushai Hills, where certainly

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in the treatment of the shock resulting from wounds,

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ment " is nothing else but the destruction of vices and

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other campaigns : thus in the French army, during the same war, the per-

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to be seen on the face or forehead, and that of the forehead does not

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of typhus in the Peshawar Valley, 1891-92, the dis-

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continued fever described by Drs. Lyell andFarquharin

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morally from the honest member of society as much as

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A very high mortality indeed ! This cannot bear com-

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Thus it is evident that the cholera microbe is gener-

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of the vertebral column. All these tumors possessed a strong expansile, sys-

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ready for despatch to vaccinators, in any quantity that may

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where arsenic was found in the stomach, only a slight degree of

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nurses they may gain much useful information, and I

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the lobule which, in ordinary fatty livers, we find most

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membrane, and the local symptoms are in no way different

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intercourse. Since "aerial miasms" ar-^ out of fashion,

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Litzmann, as the result of extended researches, makes the following

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Two or three teaspoonfuls should be given daily, diluted with water and

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central association for the care of soldiers wounded in

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of their income on sanitary work. If tliis provision were ex-

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