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no general statistics are available, but taking Wangpur

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" the true precursor of the progressive movement of

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electrolysis, from the pen of Dr. Jewett, of Brooklyn.

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third gramme administered internally has the power of producing ansesthesia

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[nject subcutaneously close to bite cocaine solution.

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work on the 14th of May. From June 1890 up to June 1891 he

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last two years, discovered in water microbes closely

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record of such cases as could be found to have run on

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parenchymatous degeneration of kidney ; extensive umbilical ])hlegmon

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sion of the kidney more likely to be complicated by peritoneal injury.

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the kidney substance was present in two. The presence of a chronic

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of pregnancy were wanting. Diagnosis is difficult, ovarian cyst is generally

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by dropsy. Erora carefid miscroscopical examination

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Pott's principle is even more obvious than it is in the

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sets in suddenly with symptoms like those seen in severe

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have indicated the true meaning of the "breathlessness "

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bedsore over the lower part of the sacrum, about two inches square,

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In the meantime no such series of cases is on record

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the (li-ti ict was anything unnsual in severity last year, as the

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ing information upon the legal questions affecting the office and evidence

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prised of thirty-six men, armed with Martinis, had been

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however, there was slight swelling below the angle of

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that the bilateral paralysis of the ocular muscles was of that nature.

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various of these officers for private communications

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of local irritation. Antidote — Local application of a

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the interests of a population have to be considered.

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with a far more decided hypnotic effect than either.

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advises vaginal douches of antiseptics. Ergot, antipyretics, and baths are to

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digestion ; this is the fever of indigestion, the fever

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upon her every siimraer with such unerring regularity as to make life a

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make use of the plate-culture method, but sowed the material from the

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Professor Fehling has made a useful series of experiments to determine

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