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actually commencing during labour and by the uterine

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so-called febriculse are only instances of catarrhal

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The next, and the most remarkable I have yet met with, was one of

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and social condition of the people, with the introduc-

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membrane, and most of these seemed to belong to the group of micro-

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in the healthy as in those suffering from kala-azar. Giies in

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I think I have shown then that, according to the anti-

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heterodox, that union by second intention was preferable in

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held in New York City, May 27, 1885, and, also, in a clinical lecture

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appointed in Europe, but others were entertained in

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In a third case the affection was confined to one foot.

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primary operation — is indicative of the renewed sus-

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to be an experienced and educated Engineer, as junior inspector.

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with thick jungle, and are well watered by three large

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lesions f oimd in the intestines are variously described as

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with, to recount two or three interesting cases, to say

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Director of Education, who gets a salary of Rs. 2,000 —

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that the disease was mahcimari, gola rogor phutMya^ hill

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patient's wife had developed the disease eighteen years before; the wife's

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tinued for eight to ten hours in 82 per cent. ; in 4.9 per cent, there was no

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isolate known and doubtful cases. His chart is interest-

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erately stout, long bacilli were found near the surface of the pseudo-

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the purpose of allowing passengers from the steamers to bathe

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in the track of the ligatures, healed by first intention. The ligatures

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wherever they occur to those concerned, in adjoining

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accidents. They enact tliat the drugs contained in the

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1 consider this point as one of the greatest advantages

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aid to the wounded ; but in order to prevent accumulation

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does, upon the morbid conditions of structures which have a common

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tissue of the body ; the heart is enlarged, soft and flabby ;

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poison. The latest English statistics which we have

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dhai or nm'se, whose principal avocation is to assist

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