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stretcher detachments of the bearer company, and is
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preparation, stating that it has given good results
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bloodvessels of the mucous membrane were widely dilated. In the small
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of the following hour they ceased entirely. Temper-
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sanitary trains. (2.) — Improvised sanitary trains.
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in the healthy as in those suffering from kala-azar. Giies in
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three-fiftii grain, patient profusely salivated. Salivation
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oped an umbilical hernia as large as two fists. This had been irreducible for
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perimenters are really guilty of gross cruelly, the fact
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conclusions, far-reaching in their influence upon society, which facts do
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sisting of an atrophy of the nerve elements and hypertrophy of the con-
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susceptible material accumulates, and as the inoculation
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and country people. I have never seen a hard chancre
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springs before mentioned. Acidulous baths are supplied
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and that it may be the first indication of disease which may subsequently
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anti-dysenterica) as a prophylactic in the treatment of malarial
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the course is concluded, the operations of the intellect
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tant, and that freshness is the first essential to its efficacy.
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majority of cases of suicide in the municipal area of
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cow's milk, peptonising it whenever digestion was found
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experience, and I have myself no doubt of the antagonism. On the
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est injury to their children, and are terrified lest they
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years' rigorous imprisonment. On the 4th of August he was
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mm. in the vertical. The remainder of the larnyx was normal.
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woman elects to remain at home untreated, her friends
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Diseases of the Eye and their Treatment. By H. R. Swanzy, A M., M.B. . . 54
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The drugs, however, most frequently used as poisons do
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companies prevented men from the actual fighting-line
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103° F., though it may run up to 105'^ F., as it did in
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i-iland in the laterite sea. and wbich has now been buried to
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purgative, cholagogue and demulcent. As purgative it
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tion, instinct, reflex action, or by the effort of another, whether in the healthy,
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taken place, and the unusual amount of pain on palpation.
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supplied with ice for serious cases and hospital ships
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produces immediate uterine action. Antidote — A con-

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