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can offer any suggestions to our hospital authorities, they will certainly
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ready tongue and a clear head are constantly needed to smooth official
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to look upon the medical staff as upon their teachers, but to make them
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pain; muscles of the forearm hard and tense ; upper arm natural, with the
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surgery. The application of the plaster of Paris splints to compound
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paring them favourably with those which he had experienced after taking
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little alive to the value of these questions, but he hoped that they would
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already. The chest does not reach its greatest volume until the lines
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official books, involving a great amount of trouble and loss of time, and
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converted into dormitories for the increased staff of paid and pauper
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year, 1516 died under the care of the Foundling Hospital. In fact, the mortality
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The employment of water as an external application in surgery
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divided into union districts. During the period selected, the ten years
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The First University Examination comprises the subjects recom-
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the suspension of the plan for conjoint examinerships with other ex-
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promptly. — Members of Branches, and all others who usually receive
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As Assistants in compounding and dispensing medicines.
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the three divisions of England and Wales into registration divisions,
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selves with the laws relative to inanimate matter. The higher sciences
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the British Medical Association. He surveyed the ground. He found
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and other objects of interest were exhibited. There was a good attend-
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of Printed Papers. — Candidates will be examined in the following
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of checking its progress, such as we possess in vaccination for small-pox
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the men. Men under 1 1 years of age should not be sent to India under
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Dobson, London ; Mr. Meade, Bradford ; Mr. Lawson Tait, Birmingham ; Dr.
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did not appear any \a\x tliat these .\cts woulil be put in force by those
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Lectures at the University, College of Surgeons, or Ledwich School. —
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subject, and has of late been strongly urged by Dr. Murchison. Diffi-
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hence it is all the more necessary that the gross sum from which they
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LEICESTER PROVIDENT DISPENSARY— Medical Offioor applications,
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week the student may learn more by this plan than even at the largest
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ordinary statements. It is quite fair to quote them as his, as probably you in-
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Glasgow merchants that they had made princely fortunes, and still
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to visit the castle. They would agree that the Duke had contributed
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of the liver ; and so the influence may pass up the trunk of the phrenic
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