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or its capsule, but merely a small piece of the capsulo-

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O^ii'ration. — Plastic operations for repairing the nose

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abandoned for the more difficult, but more rational,

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matory reaction had occurred, or any ulceration ; four

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in small saccular dilatations, when the intima is unaffected or only

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series of head measurements with another, these errors

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the membra na tympani and ossicles or to plastic inflam-

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brane of pelvic organs undergoes an intense degree of

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I. — Marine Route : By sea to Chandbali and thence

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were also 4 cases of laryngeal phthisis, 1 case of fibroid phthisis, and 1

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plague, or a severe type of typhus fever highly conta-

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The active constituents in these waters are sulphate

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evidences of sensory, motor, or trophic disturbances are met with as

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ICeeping this position, a first enema of tepid water

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may not he evident, inflammation is suddenly developed

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lendered unnecessary by the solicitude of his custo-

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Perchloride of mercury collyrium is invaluable when

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highly offensive, and which she said she felt she inhaled,

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(3) — That the power of self-will, so far as it is possi-

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in a loader, dated 2iid February 1892, in the addresses

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majority of cases of death from ruptured aneurism. Where sudden

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pubis. In cases of double promontory it is measured from the one

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fasting between the two daily meals at morning and evening of

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towel folded and held over the patient's face and under

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extreme contraction of the pelvis. The results given in the paper

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the disease is endemic the Burmans and their " Sei-

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with warm baths are preferable in the early stages, especially when the

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be costly, and would meet the difficulty to a large

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As far as I can ascertain the subject of poisoning by

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