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in a great number of comparatively small hospitals.
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will be most successful in cases in which the tumor is small and the patient
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work to be done in India consists in the checking of
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city of bloodvesels. But it cannot be positively decided yet whether these
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vacancy, but only one surgeon, and he after ten months
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do not. It is necessary to refer to the work which has
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the subject, great improvements have been made in the drains
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should be especially attributed, I would answer ''he
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It will be seen at a glance how much better the water
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firmly locked. Under the circumstances septic inflammation
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down to bifurcation of trachea; firmly attached as far down as vocal
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hemorrhage in other situations in the body are here inoperative, and the only
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of nasal deficiency are vivified, and then the flap
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never suffers from yellow fever." This affords an example of the repeti-
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ed in India, and because, in the second place, the disease
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he concluded their role is not to ivait till the craving of the
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diseases capable of being transmitted from the dead to
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in apyrexial conditions ; he adds, however, that " when there is much
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arteries, a circumstance which will demand consideration. It has already
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solitary weakly patient day by day gather strength to
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in use and 45,000 still not set up, the average had
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drawn belong to the lowest ranks of the community, who
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for the relief of ileus caused by pressure of the foetus on the intestine. No
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mentioning the various articles used as their adul-
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in 301 and failed in 310. The promontory could not be reached in 61.
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sioner's report, two events which have happened during
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Determann [Zeitschrift fur Gehurtshiilfe und Oynakologie, Band 15, Heft 2)
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attain the success that co-operative exertions can alone
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cases ; in only very few was even a moderate degree of anaimia
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disease, and says sometimes the paralytic symptoms are
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The plan of treatment I have adopted in cases which

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