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cataract knives, as all instruments have to be sent to
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evaporation and transpiration are enormously increased
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a dusky appearance ; later on the skin becomes harsh
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lity by, the ends of justice would be better served. The
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for doubt that, however much the soldier is himself to
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injected into a frog caused its death by paralysis within
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(2) Deputy Sanitary Commissioner as Executive Sani-
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ernment must aid sanitary advance by direct allotment
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administrative medical officer vvill be the real head on all medical
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It could then be freed from within outward, by general traction, manipula-
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other acute illness. Menstruation was normal until the beginning of
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body, his left thigh being bent ; in short he will occupy
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trunks of the arras nothing abnormal was found. In the little finger
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wife acquiring leprosy from an affected husband. Five
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moved and the ureters brought down and united to the
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to depress the patient and to endanger a chloral habit. Trial should,
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the sixth, dorsal vertebra. Tiie transverse po'tion gave the three
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by Dr. Goldschmid, and it is recommended by Prof. Vogel, of DorpatĀ»
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the stitch-holes come to suppurate, as they are at times
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absent from distinctly malarious tracts. The disease
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said to be poisoned by aconite, but I never found any
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for the above question to be answered and for attempts
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in the necrotic mucosa beneath were vast numbers of cocci, singly,
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of the sequestrum and approximation of the new to the characters of the
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sources. Mr. T. N. Mukherji, of the Imperial Museum,
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deadly. Whereas the accepted estimate of casualties
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name " beri-beri fever," and lays particular stress
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process appears to begin early ; it is well marked ia
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Post-typhoid paraplegia generally sets in gradually and disappears
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"acute ansemia di'opsy " from beri-beri. The first distinc-

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