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mally small even if the scrotal mass is enormously distended.
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clear or opaque and which contains flakes or lumpy masses.
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his thumb, second, third and fourth fingers, « ^^^^ before the. North Carolina Medical
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do not, of course, urge it indiscriminately ; but it could hardly be
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such a degree as to obliterate all traces of their true typical charac-
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Street, the first Tuesday of every month, from 12 to 4 r. h.
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degrees F. the patient is generally doing hypodermically, is certainly the best drug,
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cut short its course wdth as much certainty as quinine arrests
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Partial enlargement accompanies nearly all pelvic tumors, not
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when, thus apparently emancipated from the evils of hereditary
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this connection it is interesting to note that ^ ' ^
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called "foot rot." If the inflammatory process attacks the skin
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duty of you older men to encourage them '-There is no use wasting a load on that
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daughters. Medical Association of Virginia and North
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there was any thickening whatever, and that the coats are on the
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The possibility of transmission by inher- ries of the vicinity and a wall of new-form-
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and that all who are not embraced 'under one of these heads, are
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One of these may be given four or five times a day with ad-
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upon the most desirable operation to per- thrown into irregular ridges by isolated
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Tetanus. Recovery after employment of Chloroform 58
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of these facts. Our scientific treatise on Hacmatherapy
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wounds of the heart is possible, and that too, amounting almost to
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poison; and lastly, that the resin is an unnecessary cutaneous
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munication of the pharmaco-dynamic results, I think it ad\dsable
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caustic, as in the ordinary operation by sutures. The operation
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tent or degree, is the occurrence of phlebitis and purulent infec-
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mortality of 90 per cent. Death occurred in from 12 hours to a
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a fibrinous or cellular exudate. It always contains immense
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limited chiefly to the cortex. Oedema of the subcutis over right knee.
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was in every case the same ; none of these remedies prevented
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majority of cases, there seems to be no disposition to a repetition of
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called my attention to the fact that in ante- ing, thus bringing the young worms nearer
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animals, lesions have been found to contain, apparentlj^ as their
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result in several instances being unfavorable, the proprietor stated
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inoculation in guinea-pigs, or the proof of the presence of
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open air, it is not necessary to repeat the chloral. I have no
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over an area equal to one-half of the lung, there were strong
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disseminated throughout the central part of the United States.
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portions of one or both organs. Pneumonia is the most com-
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exception of the pain in the head, which still persisted. Dr. Wilks
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