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horse-hair sutures were placed between the silver one. To Iiim
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undertake to keep the arsenic in safe custody and to sell it
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doctor's objection to take up the case at home, the
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being in some respects half-way between that of ether and alcohol, but
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of air to the hills sometimes did good, but he knew of cases
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patient hable to drop things he has picked up, nor can
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the hitter were a few stapliylococci pyogenes aureus.
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throughout the parts of the Himalayas, lying between
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lity to the improved dietary, which gave the prisoners
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though there was no pseudo-membrane on the pharynx. The child died
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sewage farming in India, there are considerable prac-
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services of wet-nui-ses are not available here. Hence
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schools, a certificate being granted to those pupils who
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cases it was undoubtedly of a neuralgic nature, consisting of a reflex
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handled by the barber, or we had attended a funeral ;
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not only in the way of miliary tuberculosis, but also in a more limited
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barren hills of the western frontier, the eastern is well
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dence of enteric fever, but in the up-country stations
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criminal investigation reaches that point, when few
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of dilute citrine ointment substituted for carbolic oil.
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In a few of the latter cases he examined, histologically, the peripheral and
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Happy it is for the people of this country that they
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silver as eye-drops most beneficial. Of course it is an
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and it seems just possible that this obscured ferment-
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some advanced cases, dyspnoea and noises in the ears,
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abscess, discharge of blood, fever, burning sensation,
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of daily occurrence, any antidote which is in itself more
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whom it was generally fatal. In children it was said
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portion ; the former used as the family sleeping place,
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bending the legs of the patient over the shoulders of two assistants, who
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